Self drive cars for rent


We follow the following terms and conditions when booking your self drive car with us. Rental Wheelz is responsible to change the terms and condition at any time in future.

Who are permit to hire the self drive rental car with Rental Wheelz

  • You must complete the 18 years old.
  • You should have the valid license.
  • If you are not an Indian citizen, you should have a legitimate worldwide driving license.
  • You should not involve in any liquor or medication related driving issues in the previous seven years.
  • You only responsible for giving and keeping up updated emails, contact information and other record data.

Who are restrict to hire the self drive rental car with Rental Wheelz

  • The utilization of Rental Wheelz under the accompanying conditions is restricted.
    • Any speed race or rivalry
    • For the essential business motivation behind transporting individuals or working a taxi benefit
    • By individual who is affected by (I) liquor or (ii) any medication or medicine
    • If the vehicle is disallowed or not prescribed due to wrong doing or some other illicit action.
    • By any individual who has furnished Rental Wheelz with false data or whose portrayals are resolved to be false (counting, without restriction, in regards to his name, age, or address.
    • Driving a Rental Wheelz outside of India or any precluded zones inside India.
    • Driving while at the same time utilizing a cell phone or some other versatile specialized gadget in any way at all, including while at the same time sending a SMS, messaging, utilizing a wireless with or without a sans hands gadget, generally utilizing a portable specialized gadget that may occupy you from driving or generally captivating in comparable exercises that might be precluded by material law.
    • Transporting objects with the Rental Wheelz vehicle that could – because of their size, shape, or weight – unfavorably affect the vehicle’s taking care of wellbeing or that could harm the inside of the Rental Wheelz vehicle or by such question/s distending outside, influence the security of vehicles driving in the region of the Rental Wheelz vehicle.
    • Rental Wheelz may promptly suspend or end the utilization of its administration by any rider for an infringement of any of these Rules. What’s more, Riders will be in charge of all costs, charges, expenses and costs brought about by Rental Wheelz as a result of a break of any of these Terms and Conditions.

Holding Rental Wheelz vehicles

  • Pre-Reservations are required. Rider should dependably hold a vehicle ahead of time.
  • If you wish to wipe out a reservation or abbreviate the period for which a vehicle has been held, you should do as such ahead of time.
  • If you wish to broaden a reservation, you may do as such just if a) the Vehicle is accessible for use for the augmentation time frame (for instance, it isn’t saved by another Rider); and b) the demand to stretch out is finished before the planned termination time of your current reservation.

Vehicle Pick-Up and Return/Vehicle Condition/Stolen Vehicles

  • You should get the chose vehicle at its assigned Rental Wheelz parking spot and return it secured, clean, and in great working request.
  • Prior to claiming a vehicle, you should complete an outside stroll around and an inside investigate. Before driving the vehicle, you should educate Rental Wheelz with respect to any harm or variation from the norm experienced on the vehicle or in the task of the vehicle.
  • You might be charged a harm expense, a cleaning charge, or other relevant expenses, and Rental Wheelz may suspend, or may even end your participation.
  • Reserving Members are in charge of all charges and expenses brought about identified with the Rental Wheelz vehicle for the whole time of the reservation and until the point when the vehicle is returned, secured, shut, bolted and serviceable.
  • Members are required to answer to Rental Wheelz instantly any condition that hinders the driving usefulness of the vehicle, for example, poor driving feel or outer or interior harm that renders the vehicle perilous, including yet not constrained to, absent or inoperable flag or driving lighting, broken or missing back view mirrors and windshield glass.

Securing Rental Wheelz Vehicles

  • Each time the part stops the Vehicle (either toward the finish of the reservation or amid), the part is in charge of securing the vehicle.

Qualified (Reimbursable) Expenses

A “Qualified Expense” is characterized as (an) any fuel related cost (b) a cost acquired by the Member for minor (under INR 1000) routine upkeep on Rental Wheelz vehicle, for example, new wiper cutting edges, lights, or windshield-washer liquid, and so on and (c) any cost more than INR 1000 that is approved ahead of time by a Rental Wheelz delegate. On the off chance that the rider pays for a qualified cost, he or she should keep the receipt and note on it the time it was made amid the reservation time frame. The rider must print his or her name on the receipt and give a physical printed copy of the receipt to Rental Wheelz vehicle specialist after their reservation. Solace car will repay the part or credit the part’s record. No repayment or credit will be given without a receipt, or if the receipt is submitted 30 days or more from the reservation date.


  • Rental Wheelz will play out all important and required routine upkeep on every one of its vehicles. Notwithstanding, riders are in charge of the tidiness of vehicles and are relied upon to help with helping us to keep up the driving well being and execution of the vehicle, amid longer reservations or when the vehicle demonstrates that administration or upkeep is required.
  • Tobacco utilize is totally disallowed in our vehicles. Individuals are liable to charges if proof of smoking, biting, or dunking is found in our vehicles or grumbled of by a Member utilizing the vehicle instantly following the Member’s reservation.
  • Burning any substance is totally denied in our vehicles. This incorporates, yet isn’t constrained to tobacco, different medications, and incense.
  • Pets are totally denied in our auto vehicles, aside from those vehicles assigned “pet inviting”. Individuals are liable to expenses if proof of pets is found in our vehicles or griped of by a Member utilizing the vehicle instantly following the Member’s reservation.

Breakdown or Incidents

  • All breakdowns or occurrences including our vehicles must be accounted for to us promptly by telephone.
  • Breakdown and Roadside Assistance. When utilizing a vehicle, you should take after the proprietor’s manual directions, gave in the vehicle’s glove compartment. On the off chance that an issue emerges that anticipates or confines the utilization of the vehicle or that may trade off individuals’ security, Members should quickly tell Rental Wheelz and take after our directions. Individuals may need to pay for towing, repairs, and different costs in a few conditions.
  • The Member should be in charge of the costs identified with the repair, recuperation, and loss of utilization of any of our vehicle coming about because of any of the prior, up to the present Damage Fee as put forward in the Fee Policy/Rate Schedule (if such expenses are resolved to be the blame of the Member or blame isn’t built up to some other individual or substance, or where any cost isn’t paid/repaid by the safety net provider of Rental Wheelz vehicle or the back up plan of the other vehicle associated with the mischance).

Criminal traffic offenses

You are in charge of any criminal traffic offenses caused because of your utilization of a Rental Wheelz vehicle. This incorporates stopping, speeding, breaking red light, photograph requirement, and toll infringement. You are subject for all expenses from any such infringement, including fines for late installment and any handling charges included by the issuing region.

Protection and Liability

  • Liability protection applies only to claims of third-party bodily injury, death or property damage, other than to the vehicle, arising from the use of the wanna car vehicle as permitted by this agreement and applicable law. Any such protection excludes any claim made by member, or member’s immediate family members who permanently live with member or is travelling with member at the time of incident.
  • This Agreement is planned for the advantage of Member and Rental Wheelz and no other gathering may assert rights hereunder, regardless of whether as an outsider recipient or something else. By no means will Rental Wheelz be liable to any third-party for indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from or related to this agreement or use of Rental Wheelz vehicle and service.

Information Protection

Rental Wheelz catches, stores, procedures and utilizations the rider’s close to home information, including, yet not restricted to, the use and vehicle information as they identify with the rider, to the degree this is fundamental for the organization and execution of this assention and the rider utilization of the Rental Wheelz vehicle.

If there should be an occurrence of debate

The courts of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India should alone have the sole and selective ward in regard of any issues which might be initiated under the watchful eye of any courtroom, emerging in regard of any question between Rental Wheelz and the rider emerging from the utilization of the administrations offered by Rental Wheelz.

No Waiver

No term contained in this Agreement might be changed or deferred, with the exception of in composing marked by an explicitly approved illustrative of Rental Wheelz. No waiver of default by either party under any of the Terms or Conditions of this Agreement might be interpreted as a waiver of any earlier or consequent default of any of the Terms or Conditions of this Agreement.

Task or Transfer

The rights conceded to the Member under this Agreement are not assignable or transferable, in whole or part. Any attempt to transfer this Agreement without the written consent of Rental Wheelz shall be void and of no force and effect. Rental Wheelz may assign this agreement to an affiliate or to another entity about a corporate transaction.

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